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物探与化探  2023, Vol. 47 Issue (5): 1137-1146    DOI: 10.11720/wtyht.2023.1615
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万卫1(), 汪明启2, 程志中3, 范会虎4, 左立波5, 李俊辉2
1.东华理工大学 核资源与环境国家重点实验室,江西 南昌 300013
2.中国地质大学(北京) 地球科学与资源学院, 北京 100083
3.中国地质调查局 发展研究中心,北京 100037
4.中国地质科学院,北京 100037
5.中国地质调查局 天津地质调查中心,天津 300170
An experimental investigation of the CO2 and SO2 gas geochemical survey method for mineral exploration in forested areas
WAN Wei1(), WANG Ming-Qi2, CHENG Zhi-Zhong3, FAN Hui-Hu4, ZUO Li-Bo5, LI Jun-Hui2
1. State Key Laboratory of Nuclear Resources and Environment, East China University of Technology, Nanchang 300013, China
2. School of Earth Sciences and Resources, China University of Geosciences (Beijing), Beijing 100083, China
3. Development and Research Center, China Geological Survey, Beijing 100037, China
4. Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Beijing 100037, China
5. Tianjin Center of China Geological Survey, Tianjin 300170, China
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关键词 二氧化碳二氧化硫气体地球化学测量森林覆盖区夹皮沟金矿集区    

This study aims to explore the feasibility of the carbon dioxide (CO2) and sulfur dioxide (SO2) gas geochemical survey method for mineral exploration in forested areas. Based on the newly designed gas rapid analysis instrument, this study conducted an experimental investigation of the method in the forested Jiapigou gold concentration area, Jilin Province. The results show that significant CO2 and SO2 anomalies were observed above the concealed ore bodies and structures. In the forested area, the CO2 and SO2 gas geochemical survey method reflected the fault structures and effectively indicated the deep concealed gold deposit. This method holds critical significance for the breakthrough of prospecting technology in China's covered areas.

Key wordscarbon dioxide    sulfur dioxide    gas geochemical survey    forested area    Jiapigou gold concentration area
收稿日期: 2022-12-15      修回日期: 2023-02-23      出版日期: 2023-10-20
ZTFLH:  P593  
作者简介: 万卫(1989-),男,讲师,2017年毕业于中国地质大学(北京)地球化学专业,获博士学位。
万卫, 汪明启, 程志中, 范会虎, 左立波, 李俊辉. CO2、SO2气体地球化学测量方法在森林覆盖区找矿的试验研究[J]. 物探与化探, 2023, 47(5): 1137-1146.
WAN Wei, WANG Ming-Qi, CHENG Zhi-Zhong, FAN Hui-Hu, ZUO Li-Bo, LI Jun-Hui. An experimental investigation of the CO2 and SO2 gas geochemical survey method for mineral exploration in forested areas. Geophysical and Geochemical Exploration, 2023, 47(5): 1137-1146.
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Fig.1  夹皮沟金矿集区地质(a)及区域地质(b)[30]
Fig.2  气体取样装置示意
Fig.3  选厂沟金矿20线气体重复性测量结果
Fig.4  二道沟金矿0线气体测量剖面
Fig.5  二道沟金矿33线气体测量剖面
Fig.6  选厂沟金矿2线气体测量剖面
Fig.7  选厂沟金矿20线气体测量剖面
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